Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beyond borders

There are not many media outlets available in MS that are intended solely for the Hispanic or Latino community. Several print sources and a radio station have ceased production. There is still one easily identifiable print source remaining, La Noticia, that is published in Ridgeland, MS. You can connect with this publisher at 601-941-0600 or

This is where libraries, especially public libraries, can help make those necessary connections for the customers that they serve. Mississippi and Mississippians can take advantage of sources outside the state quite easily.

Thanks to the Internet, everyone has access to national programs such as "Week in Review" available via This program features Maria Hinojosa and Maria Elena Salinas as they discuss issues affecting the Latino community.

Customers in the northwest part of the state should be able to listen to radio broadcasts. Try WGSF - AM 1030, Radio Ambiente Caliente out of Memphis or WIVG - FM 96.1, La Estrella out of Tunica!

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