Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12/10/07 Workshop

Wow! What a great time we had at the workshop; discussions and planning, snacks and lunch. Everything is better when food is involved! I'll get the pictures from the workshop posted very soon.

Wasn't Karla Velez from Catholic Charities a delight to talk to? She said call anytime if you have questions and she meant it (601-948-2635). She and the rest of the staff at the Immigration Clinic are very excited about libraries in Mississippi!

Here is the file I said I would share with you of fiestas and public holidays of several different countries. Quite a few of these are religious holidays. The holidays and dates were pulled from the Internet from places like consulates, international calendars, and homework sites (even Wikipedia). Remember, talk to someone from your community before planning. Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated in every Spanish speaking country, it is not even a national holiday in Mexico. The beer companies, however, have made it a big US promotion!

Also, remember to check out WebJunction. The webinars are free and full of great information on planning and even how to get funding! After you log-in and read through some of the great forums, set the ones you want to follow to send you an email when there are new postings. AND, join in some of the discussions and great (here comes that word...) NETWORKING!

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